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Jaw bone island, Osteoma
Jaw bone island, Osteoma
LargeV CBCT, with the powerful SmartV software with multi-slice function, provides premium 3D images. The location, shape and size of patients' cysts and tumors, and jaw bone changes are accurately displayed. Doctors are assisted to ascertain the lesion, make treatment plans, evaluate surgical risks and make postoperative assessments.
A root canal
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HiRes3D offers the highest resolution and has a voxel size of 0.07mm and resolution up to 2.6 lp / mm, providing rich, accurate and detailed information for the inspection of dental pulp and periodontal disease. Compared with ordinary X-ray film, the HiRes3D image avoids the overlapping of teeth and jaw images, provides exceptional views of root canal anatomical structures, the absorption around the tooth’s root, perforation, missing root canal, longitudinal root fracture, periapical bone destruction and the position and level of alveolar bone defect. In cases of complex root canal anatomy, difficult periapical periodontitis, and complex periodontitis, LargeV CBCT is particularly beneficial. It assists preoperative diagnosis and postoperative examinations and can thus effectively improve diagnosis and treatment.


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